Options for Sharing PDF Files

Messages sent via the GTARCA Broadcast system are received and read on many different devices, from desktop computers to smartphones to iPads. To keep delivery time fast and not bog your inbox down with unwanted files, our messages are short and do not include attachments. But we understand that you might like to share PDF files, and the submission form allows for them.

PDF Files

You may also include links to PDF files which have been uploaded to a website. Paste the file's URL link into the Property Link field. It becomes a clickable link in the broadcast email.

Including LoopNet links in your message

You can include LoopNet links.

LoopNet Menu

1. Go to the listing's LoopNet page.

2. Click "Link to This Listing" (as shown in the picture to the right) and copy the URL provided.

3. Paste that URL into the Property Link form field.