To EMBED a Photo In Your Broadcast

Your photo must first be uploaded to an image hosting service such as Imgur, ImgSafe, Postimage, etc. which will provide a "Direct Link" to the hosted image.

This "Add image to post" link on the form will allow you to upload your photo to Postimage and will automatically populate the Photo Link field:

There is no need or requirement to create an account on Postimage. They allow upload of images anonymously. The only reason to create an account on Postimage would be to manage your uploaded pics, like deleting an image or reviewing what images you've uploaded previously. Creating a Postimage account just adds complexity which most casual users don't need.

If you DO wish to manage your uploaded images, don't use the link on the form. Instead, create an account on Postimage:

1. Go to Postimage.
2. Login after creating your account.
3. Upload the photo you wish to include in your broadcast.
4. Copy the Direct Link provided to your clipboard:
(just click the small right-side icon)

5. Open the GTARCA Broadcast submission form.
6. Paste the Direct Link into the Photo Link field. Don't use the Add image link on the submission form.