Your CCtoMany account has a LOT of flexibility; if you don't see your specific question addressed below, just ask us.

I don't get it. Can't I just use Cc: in my email program?

Well, yes, for small groups. But if you need to a message to more than a dozen or so, it can get complicated quickly. First, using Cc exposes everyone's address to everyone else, and that is not appreciated by most people. Cc'd addresses become vulnerable to abuse by other recipients.
Next, most ISPs place limits on the number of addresses you can Cc. Plus, you will need to maintain the list yourself, removing the addresses which bounce back to you, adding and removing subscribers, changing addresses, etc. For managing more than a couple of dozen addresses, CCtoMany can be a huge timesaver as well as protecting your recipient's addresses.
Also, some messages don't originate in an email program (auto-generated reports, online calendar reminders, RSS-to-email feeds, etc.). CCtoMany can distribute copies of those easily.

Can others besides me send to my list?

Yes but only if you have authorized them (by giving them the proper password for your list). Messages sent by others will still show your name/address on the From: header.

How do I add recipients to my list?

We provide you with an admin interface from which you can add or remove recipient addresses.

So if you send Cc's, doesn't everyone see everyone else's address?

Well, no. Actually, the copies we send are not true carbon copies. Each one is created individually, with only the recipient's address on the To: header and no actual Cc header. But trying to explain all that in our domain name would be difficult, don't you agree?

How often can I send to my list?

Send as often as you wish, up to a max of 10x your subscriber limit. (I.e., if you are paying for up to 5,000 recipients, you can send 50,000 messages per month. With the basic <1000 account, you can send up to 10,000 messages per month.)
Please note however: your account won't be immediately disabled if you exceed the limit. If your account exceeds the limit on a regular basis, we will contact you to discuss upgrading to the next level.

Can I send attachments?

Yes. Your message is delivered just as you sent it to us, including any attachments (subject to a 3 to 10MB limit depending on list size).

Will you give me HTML to add a sign-up form to my site?

Of course: here Then anyone can add themselves to your list right from your web site. Or you can choose to not use a signup form and thus keep the list private, adding or removing addresses yourself, via your admin interface.

Can I schedule a mailing?

This is optional. For ease-of-use, many users simply post messages via email to our server. But there is a web-based message editor and scheduler in your interface.

If someone replies to a message, will that reply go to the entire list?

No. Replies will return to the From: address which is configured for your outgoing messages. However, if you need such a service, we do also host discussion lists, where any subscriber can post to the list.

Can recipients easily unsubscribe or change their address themselves?

Yes. Each delivered message can include a link for Click Here to Unsubscribe or Change Your Address. Including this link is optional but highly recommended.

What happens to bounces?

Bounces (from invalid addresses) come back to our server. When an address bounces on three successive messages, it is removed from your list automatically. All removed addresses are listed in a report which is emailed to you each week.