Your CCtoMany account has a LOT of flexibility; if you don't see your specific question addressed below, just ask us.

Why should I use CCtoMany instead of Yahoo Groups or Google Groups?

- Easier to set up and maintain.
- More private.
- Prompt, accurate technical support.
- Easier for your members to use.
- No advertising.
- No Google Account or Yahoo memberships required.
- Faster & more reliable.
- Can use your own domain/branding.
- Custom programming options for special requirements.

How do I add members to my list?

We provide you with an admin interface from which you can add or remove recipient addresses.

So if you send Cc's, doesn't everyone see everyone else's address?

Well, no. Actually, the copies we send are not carbon copies; they are individually-addressed single messages. Each recipient sees no other recipient addresses.

How often can I send to my list?

Send as often as you wish. The only limitation is an anti-loop feature, which won't allow more than 25 posts from the same address per day (to break any mail loops which might occur from faulty autoresponders, etc.). This limit can be increased.

Can members send attachments?

Yes. Your message is delivered just as you sent it to us, including any attachments (up to 10MB max size).

When members reply to a post, where do those replies go? To the original author or to the entire group?

Our default is to direct replies back only to the original author. We can, by request, include a Reply-To: header in every message which directs replies back to the entire group.
Of course in either case, the person sending the reply can change the To: field on their reply to send it where they wish.

Mine will be a public list. Can you give me HTML to add a sign-up form to my site?

Of course: here Then anyone can add themselves to your list right from your web site.
Or you can choose to not use a signup form and thus keep the list private, adding or removing addresses yourself, via your admin interface.

Can recipients easily unsubscribe?

Yes. Each list has a corresponding leave email address. Any mail from a subscriber to that address will cause them to be unsubscribed.

What happens to bounces?

The default setting for bounces (from invalid addresses) is so redirect them back to you (the list owner). This way you know immediately if a particular message did not get delivered, or if a subscriber has changed their address. You can then update or remove their address from your group.

Do CCtoMany discussion lists support digests?

Not in the traditional way. There is a better option. See this page.