Newsletter aka Ezine aka Email Blast

One Hot Laptop

No not that kind of email blast!

Just compose a message in your favorite email program and send it to your CCtoMany address. It can be a fast one-sentence notice, a fancy customer newsletter, or anything in between.

You can even use a free web email account (e.g., Gmail) to build and send your messages:

  • Easy access from any web browser
  • No delay leaving your corporate mail server
  • Share the login with multiple authors
  • Send plain-text format (better for avoiding spam filters), or
  • Send HTML (aka rich text) including colors, images, etc.
  • Keep newsletters separated from your regular email account
  • Messages via Gmail will be archived there
  • Even include attachments if you want

If you don't want to use a web email account, we recommend using the open-source email program Thunderbird, because of its excellent "Edit As New..." feature. That feature allows you to pull up a previously-sent message and use it as the starting-point for your next new message. Thunderbird also generates "clean" emails which are displayed properly by nearly all other email clients.